Songs on Sunday releases "One More" by David McLaughlin

Songs on Sunday is a fantastic group of musicians who get together over the summer to release a new song each week. This week is a song called "One More" by musician/actor David McLaughlin. I contributed guitar and bass and mixed the track as well. Hope you enjoy it! More information here!

One More by David McLaughlin





Had an excellent time in Brasil doing casting for a new Blue Man Group show! Everyone I met down there was super cool and had crazy positive attitudes! 

We were playing at a super cool and inspiring studio that was in an extremely white and plain studio that had a roofdeck pool and a wonderfully simple kitchen. Loved everything about it and want to record there some day.


DRIP's Grand Opening NOV 8,9 and 10!!!!!!




DRIP is opening this week on International Drive in Orlando Fl!!!! I wrote all the music and I'm super proud of the show, the cast and the crew. We have been working soooooo hard and it's time to show you what we've done!

DRIP is an in-your-face explosion of color and movement backed by a live rock band, all in an industrial dive bar. 

You may get wet … you may get messy … you WILL have an awesome time. Grab a local brew or glass of wine from our bar and let us assault your senses.  

Reserve your tickets now online and save $6! 



I wrote the music for this show! GO SEE IT!!

ABOUT THE SHOW: Dog Powered Robot is back by popular demand and this time he’s fighting for us! This fast and funny show features lights, sounds, 7 brand new robots, puppets, pets, dancers, singing and fun all set to an original soundtrack. Can Dog Powered Robot save us or will the world end up neutered? Find out by watching Dog Powered Robot and The History of The Future, this May at the 2011 Fringe Festival's Green Venue. 


5/20 FRI 7:55PM
5/21 SAT 12:00PM
5/22 SUN 9:20PM
5/24 TUE 5:15PM
5/26 THU 7:40PM
5/27 FRI 6:40PM
5/29 SUN 1:25PM

Rating: General
Genre: Music, comedy, robot experience
Venue: Green Venue
Length: 50 minutes
Price: $10 + $8 (one time) Fringe Button 
Discounts: Anyone dressed as a robot

2010 REVIEWS: 
"Best of all, the character that is sure to become this year’s Fringe legend – Evan Miga’s Dog-Powered Robot, which is just what it sounds like and comes with a full set (a cardboard-box city), a singer (Britt Daley) and music composed by David Traver for this 3-minute piece. Miga’s Pomeranian deserves to become famous for its stage debut, which caused near-hysteria the night I saw it. Every dog should have this kind of day." - Elizabeth Maupin, Elizabeth Maupin on Theater,

"Evan Miga created a super-awesome-amazing-incredible thing: Dog Powered Robot. Years from now, when Dog Powered Robot is the biggest franchise in worldwide entertainment, I can say I was there when the panting Pomeranian in a “Rock ’em Sock ’em” suit first rampaged through a cardboard city. Dog Powered Robot!!!" - SETH KUBERSKY - Orlando Weekly